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I am here

Mental Health: Surviving on current meds; functioning but not optimally. Have an appointment with Dr. McShrink on Dec. 1st (yes that's the soonest anyone who accepts my insurance could see me) to launch the "Save the Nine Nanograms" endangered-species-saving mission.

Relationships/Romance: Nil. Told BFKABT (Boy formerly known as Boything) that if there were a move to be made, he'd have to be the one to make it; essentially that I'm not going to chase him anymore. Have heard nothing from him since. I am quite sure that, however painful, that is precisely what I need. Also, about the Cute Park Ranger, Bird is planning a return trip to the museum/historical park where he works, and I am trying to summon the chutzpah to not only go, but to also engage him in conversation in the effort of determining whether or not he is Involved. Also, relating to Mental Health, I agree with Bird in that I need to get The Nine settled before I really think about a new victim relationship.

Homeschooling: It's going. Not as fast or perfectly as I'd like, but it's going, and that's ok 'cuz this is my year to screw up.

Choir: Going well. Better than expected, even. The Horrible Loud Church-Vibrato Woman was not there last night: bliss! I am still capable of hitting high A above the octave, which surprised the hell outta me. And have I mentioned that I hate the "First Soprano = The Virgin Mary, Titania and The Queen Mum combined" mentality? Bunch of bitches. grr. Poo on deluded conceited horrid old hags. There, but for the grace of the ability to hear and admit it's crap, go I.

Other topics of future discussions include The Cottage, Gardening, and Yarn, but those things will have to wait. For now, I am distracted by having cold feet.



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